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Solenoid Coils for Brakes, Solenoid Valve and Vibrators

solenoid-valve-coils Manufacture of Coils for AC & DC Brakes, Solenoid coils, Magnet, Contactors, Clutches, Chucks, Eddy Current Drives, High Volt Transformers.

Fields coils for Alternator, Generator, Traction Motors, Pole & Interpole Coils for Traction Motors, Air Core Reactors etc. NE enlarge their manufacturing range.

We are doing Import Substitution which are available such as Moulded Coils for Solenoid Valves & AC & DC Solenoids Lifting & Holding Types & Rotary Solenoids.

Solenoid Coil Solenoid coil is a device that converts energy in to linear motion. Solenoid is a coil of insulated copper wire cover in the shape of cylinder. Magnetic field of a solenoid is similar to bar magnet when a electric current is passed through it.
Solenoid Coils is made by the technical experts using high grade raw materials to ensure their quality and durability. These Coils are available in various specifications to meet the requirement of our customers.