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Based on a nearly 50 years experience in production of Coils for AC & DC Brakes, Solenoids, Magnet, Contactors, Clutches, Chucks, Eddy Current Drives, High Volt Transformers.

Fields coils for Alternator, Generator, Traction Motors, Pole & Interpole Coils for Traction Motors, Air Core Reactors etc. NE enlarge their manufacturing range.

We are doing Import Substitution which are available such as Moulded Coils for Solenoid Valves & AC & DC Solenoids Lifting & Holding Types & Rotary Solenoids.

The construction features may vary according to specific requirement of customer . All our products are manufactured as per the Temperature requirements and fulfill either of the A, E, B, F or H Class of Insulations needs and have voltage range between 1V and 1.5 Kv. The quality level is ensured by severe control carried out on 100% of the production during the manufacture as well as on control as on the finished products.